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Beauty Treatments

Face Treatments & Waxing

Eyes & Eyebrows

Eyelash lift: €30
Eyelash tint: €10
Eyebrow tint: €9
Eyebrow lamination: €30
Henna brows: €40


Facial (60 minutes): €40
Bushra signature facial (90 minutes): - €70
This hydrating facial provides deep hydration and stimulates the deep layers of skin cells and tissue to boost collagen and elastin, while exfoliating and encouraging blood flow to the skin.


Eyebrows: €13
 Lip: €9
Sides of face: €12
Under arms: €15
Full arm: €16
Half leg: €17
Full leg: €26
Bikini: €15
Brazilian: €25
Hollywood: €40


Lip: €10
Chin: €10
Sides of face: €14
Forehead: €6
Neck: €10
Full face: €45
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Body Massages

Back, neck, and shoulder massage (45 minutes): - €35

One of the most relaxing, necessary, and beneficial massage combinations. Most people tend to carry a lot of pain and discomfort in their necks and back muscles – such as the upper and mid trapezoid which this massage works to target.

Deep tissue full body massage (60 minutes): - €60

A complete, calm, and thorough full body massage that targets areas of discomforting knots in the muscle to help alleviate tension and pain.

Reiki (60 minutes): - €35

An extremely deep relaxing form of healing, by balancing your body and mind, which leads to reduced bodily tension and fatigue and a boosted sense of mood.

Full body holistic massage (60 minutes): - €50

A technique of massage that takes the body and mind’s relaxation one step further using nourishing oils like grapeseed and coconut for full rejuvenation. Includes a consultation that takes your specific needs into account to provide the most beneficial experience.

Indian head massage (60 minutes): - €45

A relaxing holistic treatment utilises focusing on key pressure points on the head using warm, melted coconut oil – which in turn, nourishes the hair. Benefits include a deep feeling of relaxation in the mind and in the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders.

Maternity massage (60 minutes): - €40

A massage technique that uses long strokes and minimal pressure, combined with a light touch, to promote optimised comfort for mother and baby.

Swedish massage, full body (60 minutes): €55

A beneficial massage technique that uses various techniques such as kneading and friction to allow the body’s muscles to relax whilst encouraging better blood circulation, better posture, and less pain.

Reflexology (60 minutes): - €45

One of the most helpful and valuable therapies which works specific, key pressure points on both feet. Each point corresponds to a different part of the body and organs. This massage can aid in alleviating ailments and detoxifying your system.

On-site massage (45 minutes): - €30

Sit fully clothed on a special, comfortable chair where the neck, shoulders and back are targeted to reduce muscle tension and discomfort.
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Nail & Foot Treatments

Nails & Toes

File and polish: €13
Mini manicure with polish: €30
Full manicure with gel polish: €35
Full pedicure with gel polish: €35
Gel polish on toes + cuticles: €25
Gel polish on hands + cuticles: €25

Foot Treatments

Mini pedicure with polish: €23
Pedicure with gel colours: €25
Holistic foot massage: €30
Special combo 1 – Mini pedi and mini with gel: €55
Special combo 2 – Full pedi and mini with gel: €60
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